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The Finest Gifts: A Christmas Story tells the story of Jesus' birth while taking the reader on a journey of tenderness and introspection. As a result, the author Sandra L. Cole encourages the reader to consider what might be our "finest gifts." (Spoiler alert - it's not material things.) The illustrations by Erika Bentsen Norris are vivid and intricate, flowing beautifully with the story. Each illustrated page is sure to captivate the reader with its colors, details and characters' expressions. If you're looking for an engaging and thought-provoking children's book that celebrates the birth of Jesus, this is the one.
Caroline Coleman

Caroline Coleman has written articles for Guideposts, Dog Fancy, West Virginia's historical state magazine Goldenseal, and various trade and lifestyle publications. She is an animal shelter and wildlife sanctuary/rehabilitation volunteer and advocate; a children's swim instructor; and a triathlete. She and her husband have rescued dogs in need for over 25 years.

The Finest Gifts: A Christmas Story" provides a new perspective to the Nativity story. Sandra L. Cole challenges readers to consider the gifts we bring to our Savior and offers a suggestion for the "finest" gift we could possibly offer. Written for children and adults alike, all ages will enjoy this Christmas story told in verse. The whimsical illustrations by Erika Bentsen Norris capture the essence of the text and bring its message to life. The book would make a perfect Christmas gift and could easily become a yearly family tradition, rereading each Christmas season as we prepare our hearts to celebrate the Savior's birth.
Lori Durham, M.A.

Lori Durham, M.A., is a retired English teacher who taught middle school through college level students. Additionally, she worked closely with the U.S. State Department in Turkmenistan as an educational consultant, training both English teachers and their students. Her inspirational, true-life stories have appeared in Guideposts and Angels On Earth magazines as well as the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

The Finest Gifts: A Christmas Story by Sandra L. Cole and illustrated by Erika Bentsen Norris is a beautiful book with a powerful message. Children will be mesmerized by the detailed art and comforted by the lyrical language in this must-read Christmas story. The Finest Gifts delivers a timely message regarding the importance of simplicity and faith. This book should be on every child's bookshelf, in churches, and daycares alike. Surely this must have been a labor of love for the author and illustrator, as everything about this stunning book reflects their love of Christ and for all who believe.
Michelle Garcia Andersen

Michelle Garcia Andersen is a former elementary teacher and the author of The Owl Who Asks Why. In addition to picture books, Michelle also writes books for the educational market on a wide variety of subjects for the very youngest readers up to those in twelfth grade.

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